K-Drama: Boar Hunt Mp4 DOWNLOAD – netnaija

K-Drama: Boar Hunt Mp4 DOWNLOAD – netnaija

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After the son of a man who shot a person on a boar hunt disappeared, nights of doubt and suspicion continue.

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Young Soo is a middle-aged man in the country village. He is married to Chae Jung. One day, Young Soo goes into the mountain to hunt boars with his friends. The boars damage crops in the village. While in the mountain, Young Soo faces an unexpected situation.

Boar Hunt // Wild Boar Hunting // Hunted

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Stars: Park Ho-san, Kim Soo-jin, Lee Hyo-je, Ye Soo-jung

MyDramaList: https://mydramalist.com/722715-wild-boar-hunt

Premiere: Aug 1, 2022 (South Korea)

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