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 這樣選!HomePod Mini vs Google Nest Audio

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很難選!HomePod Mini vs Google Nest Audio
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00:00 Google Nest Audio There are two HomePod mini
00:01 you need to consider the
00:02 fact that it’s not just the sound quality appearance
00:05 I think the most important
00:06 thing in the whole ecological chain system resources it
00:08 so that the two of you in the end it should choose Which
00:19 Ha Hello I am the father of Apple
00:19 that we are probably going to compare
00:21 this Google Nest Audio
00:22 there HomePod mini
00:24 took about two months after
00:25 long-term experience as well as feelings in use today
00:27 that there will be some benefits in the last film
00:29 to our audience today
00:30 so remember seeing this last movie
00:31 you know how to participate in this sweepstakes
00:33 OK good
00:34 these two I think we all should be familiar friends
00:36 I have worked out of the box are
00:37 now down more than two months
00:40 can generally share
00:41 I use the experience to talk about the
00:43 long run this station is priced at
00:45 Google Nest Audio this is NT $ 3180 yuan
00:48 to its size you can see
00:49 it is a big compare HomePod mini up
00:50 a lot of
00:51 a lot of weight but also the overall
00:53 operation of the above fact, unlikely to look the way it
00:55 operates, but in fact there are three touch it
00:57 with the left to the right place it on top of each key is a
01:00 middle-sized source of intelligent systems is to call
01:02 or pause the music when
01:03 there is a place behind the microphone turned off this key
01:06 can force you to turn off the microphone
01:08 that HomePod mini part of it
01:10 you can see it basically
01:11 is like a small cantaloupe very lovely
01:13 place it behind the line is no way to unplug
01:16 not the same as with the previous HomePod
01:17 so Do not pull it hard to
01:18 place on top of that operation is a plus minus
01:21 the volume key in the middle there
01:22 is the call of the Siri button If you talk about
01:24 it in general is much the same
01:26 shape which look good, then
01:28 I think this is really a matter of opinion still full
01:30 because these two are black with a white
01:33 thing, then I personally did not actually think
01:34 it looks a whole I would buy it above
01:37 much impact
01:38 I think these two exterior
01:39 Whether you are placed in the home or which corner
01:42 in fact, the desk is still illegal and not
01:44 full, so I think
01:44 it basically with any home decoration design style
01:47 are less likely to conflict to it
01:49 that the price gap
01:50 this thing is $ 3180
01:51 $ 3000 this table is
01:52 basically me it be counted as with the price of commodity
01:55 if you buy this kind of thing
01:57 at home just want to have an intelligent voice system, then
01:59 in fact there is a Nest Mini or Google
02:01 can make choices
02:02 that stage, then of course the sound quality
02:04 is $ 1785, then
02:05 I will wait probably a little to make a comparison
02:07 but its usefulness is actually a bit different
02:09 because it is relatively cheap, after all,
02:10 could you home every corner when you want to put a
02:12 financial burden on you not so much
02:14 about the good we may be most concerned about If the
02:17 sound part to do a comparison between the two, then
02:19 I think you let They listen to
02:21 I’ll use a different way of connecting
02:23 with a single meaning can still play the
02:25 stereo of double stars of this two way link
02:28 means that
02:28 if you have two sound the same when you can
02:31 respectively set inside set it in stereo
02:33 left and right channels it can be presented in a way
02:35 that everyone would listen to you
02:36 to see what your feelings are
02:37 that I certainly
02:39 was not how a professional radio
02:40 equipment, but friends say you can probably hear this
02:42 is saying two out of 75% of full time
02:45 single double stars with relatively
02:47 the same time is what I would put Nest Mini
02:49 let you all see the
02:50 difference it’s probably a good sound quality where
04:25 everyone listening that
04:26 you may all have my feelings
04:28 on my side to share my own thoughts
04:30 let’s terms of volume
04:31 this is a very real problem with
04:33 this Nest Audio
04:34 is a lot bigger than HomePod mini
04:36 speakers used in it are relatively large
04:37 so this is a
04:39 one advantage of the above congenital physical hardware
04:42 when the two put together
04:43 this effect is more obvious
04:45 Some people may say this
04:47 is not the size but HomePod
04:48 should talk HomePod than the price of two of these three times
04:51 this depends on how you of course,
04:52 considering it to see HomePod volume is bigger
04:54 look at where your budget
04:55 if you are looking for is a voice assistant
04:57 feature and then with a few words of wisdom sound
05:00 HomePod fact be expensive side
05:02 although it sound really good
05:03 that is the case with volume
05:04 greater than that HomePod Nest Audio
05:06 and greater than HomePod mini
05:07 course weakest Nest Mini is that
05:09 the sound quality then
05:10 I would compare to these two to make a comparison OK
05:13 I personally feel that
05:14 this may also be the volume of the gap
05:16 may also with spatial distance where you
05:19 have quite a big relationship
05:20 test when he measured about 1.5 meters away
05:23 there is a little
05:24 further, say from 56 meters after
05:26 the fact, significant differences could hear it
05:28 in full Nest Audio it is part of
05:30 the bass section is stronger than
05:31 it can be done relatively isolated and with sound
05:34 HomePod mini this is
05:35 actually light in the bass part to lose a
05:37 lot, but some of its level in terms of
05:38 volume can be considered very clear with but
05:40 clearly there is a very real
05:42 volume in a larger space where
05:43 HomePod mini is stagnant
05:45 in that there is a
05:46 distance, when in fact this would be disadvantaged
05:48 when a larger space when
05:50 it may sometimes be a
05:51 bit number environmental speech sound
05:52 volume or so will go to cover the past
05:54 although the sound quality is part of the advantages and disadvantages of it
05:56 but of course, if your room furnishings
05:58 is a relatively large and broad areas
05:59 and then you used to
06:00 hear when the volume is louder
06:02 this time Maybe HomePod mini
06:03 can’t do this well.
06:05 Nest Audio’s Performance will be better
06:07 when we come to talk about the two series together
06:10 a lot of people would ask me
06:11 when these two series together
06:12 Can used when the computer’s sound
06:14 might be used to play video clips, and so
06:16 I think the general Entertainment watching movies may also OK
06:18 to listen to music, then no
06:20 problem, but if you want to bring silhouette piece when
06:22 it sounds a bit delayed
06:24 two compared words very strange
06:26 that the test up my own words
06:28 HomePod mini it in two series up when
06:30 I use AirPlay to play when
06:31 it delays the sound quality is a little worse
06:34 than Nest Audio
06:35 Nest Audio with that way
06:36 of course is to use Bluetooth to connect directly
06:38 say so because I’m not sure
06:39 the difference this way will not
06:40 connect HomePod mini will cause delays
06:42 and sometimes it relatively unstable so that
06:44 it seriously to bring the clips, then
06:46 this fact is unlikely to do
06:48 here, I think we should just talked about the way
06:50 I have talked about the connection of Bluetooth, right
06:51 this a Nest Audio
06:52 can turn on Bluetooth something
06:54 to make any device connected to broadcast the music to do
06:57 if you are fond of music broadcast in this way
06:59 or that your family put
07:00 a lot of friends in this table guests
07:02 they may not necessarily be used iOS system
07:04 also like the music of this station
07:05 broadcast time can do so
07:06 HomePod with it although there are
07:08 HomePod mini Bluetooth specification OK
07:10 you see that it says there are Bluetooth
07:11 Bluetooth but it does not make you do it then
07:13 turned to someone else’s phone that
07:15 connection to this stage if
07:17 you want to make someone else’s phone connection to broadcast music, then
07:19 someone else is sure need to use iOS system
07:22 or Mac system
07:23 basically, apart from this then there is no other way
07:26 so that if you are important if
07:28 your choice may be relatively small
07:30 in terms of going a little better next music service
07:32 that I also found very many people talk about this
07:35 a little misunderstanding is
07:37 relatively inconvenient
07:38 HomePod mini or the entire system
07:39 it can HomePod services carried out a series of direct broadcast music
07:43 only Apple Music
07:44 meaning that when you call Siri
07:46 call broadcast music stage
07:47 when it can broadcast
07:49 to broadcast music from Apple Music OK
07:52 to me personally, because then there is no relationship
07:53 Apple Music subscription service I have a
07:55 whole Apple One service I have subscribed
07:57 so is better for me
07:59 to say but a lot of people misunderstand
08:00 it can also be broadcast Spotify
08:01 broadcast KKBOX in fact
08:02 it is not enough
08:03 to say you want to play the way
08:05 you want to have your iPhone
08:06 or other iOS, Mac, and so
08:08 the first
08:10 third-party music player series system on it
08:12 and then you put it in series over AirPlay and then
08:14 let it go so you can not
08:15 play a direct call
08:17 from Spotify broadcast Siri
08:19 call it what So if you’re used to other third-party
08:21 music streaming service is
08:22 not Apple Music, then
08:24 it is at this stage there is no way to do
08:26 though Apple has said
08:27 they would open a third-party service
08:29 but have been waiting for a while
08:30 to have this year not
08:32 that we are concerned that Google Nest Audio
08:34 now I see above is
08:35 my YouTube Music can be played
08:37 and then KKBOX can also be used to play
08:39 then Spotify can also be used to play
08:40 the MyMusic that Taiwan Mobile
08:42 can also be used to play
08:43 this What does it mean
08:44 to say you can first choose the right preset in the system which
08:46 is to say what service you use is
08:48 so light it would be possible to dispel a lot of people
08:50 can buy the grounds HomePod
08:51 because I know
08:52 that users do not use Apple Music in Taiwan
08:54 many operators
08:55 have very many people still use Spotify with KKBOX
08:58 so it is important to you, then
08:59 you have to think clearly this
09:01 is a good place to come back smart home system
09:04 I personally feel that
09:04 the current system in
09:06 terms of smart home my two
09:07 I think the two-month trial down systems supported by the smart home appliances
09:11 are also not very perfect
09:13 at least for Taiwan
09:15 to this stage in terms of
09:17 what it might support the wisdom of home appliances Google
09:20 than Apple HomeKit even a little more
09:22 meaning that I
09:23 might find something on the Internet when
09:25 I see the choice is more likely to support either of these two are
09:29 only supported with Amazon, Google
09:32 if you want to support all three
09:34 or only a single relatively less
09:36 support HomeKit so if a little
09:37 wisdom in the family Zhiyuanjitong this stage
09:39 is difficult for me
09:40 to talk to single you say
09:41 which one is the best
09:42 of which is supported by most
09:44 because this is also a great need to see your
09:45 usual habits as well as home
09:47 appliances brand wisdom device which
09:49 requires the use of some types of
09:50 if just basic light bulb socket
09:54 these two will have
09:55 basically they can support these
09:56 systems have no
09:57 problem, but if you want further
09:58 if you want to
09:59 direct the air-conditioner is on top of it in a single can be operated
10:02 in series or something directly above
10:04 directly in the dehumidifier fan, then
10:06 I think this is now more difficult to find a
10:08 place to do here is also more
10:09 necessary talked about a reality that
10:10 if you want to use when
10:12 HomePod you smart home of the central nervous system, then it
10:15 is in fact no problem
10:15 if you are like me,
10:17 the whole family are using iOS,
10:19 but if your home is across systems people
10:21 have with Windows
10:22 and useful Android
10:23 and useful iOS, then
10:25 it HomePod it now this flawed
10:26 approach with Android is that it does not
10:29 make the connection with other systems
10:30 that, then
10:30 although my family is not with Apple systems
10:32 But I have to
10:33 question it or talk about it
10:34 because I believe that many people at home
10:36 might not like my house so
10:37 that you may have to consider the possibility to
10:39 go about doing research
10:41 at home people are using the system
10:42 as well as what you want to use wisdom appliances
10:44 now support what
10:45 if your home is across the users of the system, then
10:47 your options become possible if the
10:49 Google Nest Audio
10:50 at this stage there is no way to tell this is
10:52 just in front so I had mentioned
10:54 this is not just you to shape preferences
10:57 or its tone
10:58 or volume of its sound quality of these preferences
11:01 is not so simple
11:02 when it is integrated into the whole time behind the ecosystem
11:05 as well as the wisdom of home appliances systems together
11:08 you become the place to be considered very much
11:10 it is not so simple preference which one you like
11:13 okay that we are speaking now to the
11:14 raffle just mentioned
11:16 before, if you are interested in smart home system
11:19 can participate in Taiwan’s wisdom family activities
11:21 have the opportunity to be able to get
11:22 Google Nest Audio speaker of wisdom
11:24 if you just want some simple wisdom socket
11:27 you can invite five friends to fill in this questionnaire
11:30 that you can get directly to the wisdom of the socket
11:32 and you invite five individuals
11:33 also have the opportunity to be able to get wisdom speaker
11:35 What does this mean it
11:36 means that if you have five or six friends and relatives at home
11:38 you really want to have this wisdom socket
11:41 that you fill in a questionnaire
11:42 to make sure you will get the wisdom that these five individuals
11:44 socket if you want to be able to get sound and very words
11:46 are fill in, then
11:47 you get the opportunity to increase your wisdom sound
11:50 if you’ve filled out the questionnaire also attending this event
11:52 you can also return to the bottom of this video message saying
11:55 why you like the sound of wisdom and wisdom appliances
11:58 so you have the opportunity
11:59 to able to get another one Google Nest Audio
12:01 OK so interested in the wisdom of wisdom appliances speakers
12:03 people
12:04 do not forget to fill in a questionnaire
12:05 and then distributed to friends and family
12:07 and then leave a comment below
12:08 have the opportunity to be able to get Google Nest Audio
12:10 video today is so generally
12:11 if you pair the wisdom of home appliances
12:13 in the future I hope to do more comparisons, then
12:15 remember also told me the following
12:17 message, or say that you want to compare
12:19 then I come back come back to buy more time what kind of
12:21 wisdom appliances could come here now we like
12:23 to share this kind of movie, then you remember to subscribe
12:25 by pressing the little bell like to share with
12:26 my father Apple
12:27 support our next movie to see Hello Bye

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