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Spending too much money on hi-fi equipment? You’re wasting your money if your equipment is better than your ears.

$1000 cable –
$1000 HDMI cable –
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Leak TL12 – S. Spicer, public domain
Quad 303 – Michael KR, CC BY-SA 4.0
Art – Vincent Van Gogh: Thatched Cottages, Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa, Piet Mondrian: Composition, Jan van Eyck: Portrait of Giovanni(?) Arnolfini and his Wife
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Swine – Midjourney’s best attempt
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Rolls-Royce Boat Tail ($28,000,000) – pelican-actor CC BY 2.0
Speakers in poster – California Audio Technology MBX ($500,000)

00:00 audio files you’re wasting your money
00:02 seeing as most audio files seem to be
00:05 Filthy Rich it probably doesn’t matter
00:07 how much they waste not that I have a
00:09 problem with anyone being filthy rich as
00:12 long as their wealth was gained legally
00:14 enjoy it while you can you can’t take it
00:16 with you the people generally don’t get
00:18 rich by wasting money so what I have to
00:20 say here will help all audio files Hi-Fi
00:23 enthusiasts and possibly home recording
00:25 studio owners too what set me off here
00:27 was a bit of a throwaway comment I made
00:29 in a recent video I said that if your
00:32 equipment was better than your hearing
00:33 then there’s no need to upgrade you
00:36 won’t hear the difference I said this
00:37 mainly in the context of how the ears
00:39 high frequency response degrades with
00:41 age no matter how well you look after
00:44 your hearing but I can imagine that this
00:45 applies to all of the various parameters
00:47 of hearing I’m not an audiologist but I
00:50 certainly guess frequency range flatness
00:52 of frequency response balance between
00:54 the ears sensitivity to localization I’d
00:57 be pretty certain that these are all
00:59 factors and more but also I think that
01:02 people will have different sensitivity
01:03 to detail in sound I mean this in the
01:06 ear itself other than the attention the
01:08 brain pays to the information it
01:10 receives so what I’m saying in a
01:12 roundabout way is that some people hear
01:14 better than others I have a simple
01:16 demonstration that this is true some
01:18 people have perfect pitch and they can
01:20 recognize a musical note without any
01:22 reference so if I play this note on a
01:25 piano
01:25 foreign
01:29 [Music]
01:32 some of you will know what note it is
01:34 you won’t have to think about it or
01:36 compare it with any reference you’ll
01:38 just know here it is again
01:40 [Music]
01:43 what note is it
01:44 okay it’s a flat that’s what my school
01:47 music teacher played for me to test
01:49 whether I had Perfect Pitch and my
01:52 answer was a flat yes I got it right but
01:56 I just guessed a 1 in 12 shot I should
01:59 have bought a lottery ticket that day so
02:01 this is a real thing and I see no reason
02:04 why some people having the ability to
02:05 hear more closely into sound shouldn’t
02:08 be a real thing too and as I’ve
02:10 commented several times recently some
02:12 people seem to be able actually to hear
02:14 the value in a one thousand dollar
02:16 interconnect
02:17 whether they can see and hear the value
02:19 in a one thousand dollar HDMI cable is
02:22 another question entirely and there are
02:24 such things no I don’t believe anyone
02:27 can really hear the difference between a
02:28 10 cable and a one thousand dollar cable
02:31 but if anyone truly knows I mean knows
02:34 that they can then good luck to them or
02:36 rather bad luck because they’ll be
02:38 dissatisfied with anything less than the
02:40 best and maybe they can’t afford it per
02:43 audio files perhaps do exist or perhaps
02:47 they started Rich became an audiophile
02:49 then they’ll lust for better and better
02:51 equipment made them poor but let’s bring
02:53 things down to realistic levels as we
02:55 know 99 of Statistics are made up on the
02:59 spot but I’d Hazard a guess that the
03:01 proportion of people who can hear
03:03 benefits in cables costing over let’s
03:06 say a hundred dollars is less than one
03:08 percent
03:09 0.1 this means that you can’t hear any
03:12 difference probably by adequate decently
03:15 made cables and they will be better than
03:18 your hearing this is my point if your
03:20 equipment is better than your ability to
03:21 hear any difference you don’t need
03:23 better equipment because it will give
03:25 you no benefit in terms of enjoyment and
03:28 you will waste your money so where else
03:30 can we go with this I know I’m going to
03:32 stir up controversy here but I’m just
03:34 putting ideas into the air if you don’t
03:37 agree with me then that’s fine but I
03:39 hope you will at least consider my
03:40 points so let me turn to Power
03:42 amplifiers yes power amplifiers do sound
03:45 different I know that because I have the
03:48 opportunity to compare three
03:49 professional lamps closely I can only
03:52 remember that one was a Turner but the
03:54 others were also top Pro Brands they
03:56 sounded different so clearly my hearing
03:58 is or at least was better than these
04:01 amplifiers or better than two of them I
04:03 don’t know how I could have known which
04:05 one was the most accurate I’m going to
04:07 throw something else in here these
04:09 amplifiers did sound different but not
04:11 by much if I hadn’t been able to compare
04:14 them quickly by swapping over the
04:15 speaker cables which had connectors and
04:17 having someone else to do that then I
04:20 wouldn’t have spotted any difference I
04:22 do believe there’s such a thing as a
04:23 difference that doesn’t make any
04:25 difference like whether your Supermarket
04:27 eggs are brown or white they’re
04:29 different but they poach just as nicely
04:31 but that’s professional audio what about
04:33 Hi-Fi well I did have an occasion when I
04:36 could hear power amplifiers that were
04:38 distinctly different
04:40 there was a time in my life when I owned
04:42 a pair of leak tl12 tube power
04:44 amplifiers and a quad 303 transistor
04:48 tube I’m British shouldn’t I be saying
04:50 valve well I’m of an age that I can
04:52 remember transistors being new and
04:54 exciting tubes were old and boring old
04:57 duffers would gather around tables in
05:00 smoke-filled rooms and the conversation
05:02 would be valves this valves that valves
05:04 whatever so to me valve is an old
05:07 geezers word
05:08 some might say that I should have grown
05:10 into it by now but tubes thermionic
05:13 tubes I think I’ll stick with that back
05:15 to the amps yes the leaks and the quad
05:17 did sound different the key was in the
05:20 bass the leaks were only 12 Watts apiece
05:22 tl12 and by the time you had got them up
05:25 to a reasonable volume you could hear
05:27 Distortion in the bass
05:28 this is because of the Transformer
05:30 output Transformers magnetically
05:32 saturate at higher levels and this is
05:34 worse at low frequencies it wasn’t all
05:36 that much but I didn’t like it I
05:38 preferred the quad as an aside I half
05:41 remember testing the quad 303 against a
05:43 different amp and I remember feeling
05:46 that it didn’t seem to have as much
05:47 control over the speakers possibly a
05:50 damping Factor thing now some people
05:52 like tube power amps they like the sound
05:54 that’s okay it’s okay to have personal
05:56 preferences and I’m not going to take
05:58 anyone’s preferences away
06:00 but I’d say that listening to all of
06:02 your music through the tube sound is a
06:04 little like going to an art gallery
06:06 wearing tinted glasses who’d want to do
06:09 that but in my examples I’m talking
06:11 about the past we’re in the present now
06:13 as you might have noticed there’s no
06:15 reason a power amp couldn’t be better
06:17 than nearly everyone’s hearing and
06:19 almost no one can hear any kind of a
06:21 difference that really makes a
06:23 difference considering of course amps
06:25 that are sold into the genuine Hi-Fi
06:27 Market or professional audio you can
06:29 pause the video now to make your
06:30 comments there’s more stuff you’ll want
06:32 to comment on coming up there’s other
06:34 equipment that’s going to be better than
06:35 your hearing too in Hi-Fi you’ll need a
06:38 preamp I’ll just mention that integrated
06:40 amplifiers have the preamp and power amp
06:43 in one box my suspicion is that more
06:45 people will be able to hear differences
06:47 between Hi-Fi preamps because they’re
06:49 more complicated with their tone control
06:51 stereo balance loudness and stuff in
06:54 digital audio I reckon that digital to
06:56 analog converters are pretty much as
06:58 good as most people’s hearing
07:00 in Hi-Fi you’ll often hear the term DAC
07:03 DAC digital to analog converter in Pro
07:07 Audio we call them d2a converters but
07:10 it’s the same thing just in different
07:11 packages in the early days of digital
07:13 audio yes you could hear differences
07:15 between converters mainly in the form of
07:18 problems noise distortion granularity
07:21 but again we’re living in the present
07:23 we’ve had 50 years of digital audio to
07:26 perfect converters if not to absolute
07:28 perfection but to a point better than
07:30 the limits of most people’s hearing and
07:32 don’t forget that inside that shiny
07:34 beautifully designed case there’s a
07:36 detaway chip from one of the same chip
07:38 manufacturing companies that everyone
07:40 else uses okay there are high-end Dax
07:43 too but again I suspect that very few
07:46 people can hear enough detail to be able
07:48 to tell any difference let’s move on to
07:50 a place where we can sort out the men
07:52 from the boys and the women from the
07:54 girls
07:54 turntables turntables are interesting
07:57 because there’s a whole spectrum between
07:58 cheap and cheerful and amazingly
08:01 beautifully engineered equipment that
08:03 really does get the best out of the
08:04 vinyl medium
08:06 I’m going to turn this around and rather
08:08 than start from the cost of the
08:10 equipment let’s think about the value of
08:12 your hearing of course your hearing is
08:14 of infinite value to you but if we could
08:17 measure your ability to hear details
08:18 compared to the price of turntables
08:20 you’ll see what I mean let’s suppose you
08:22 have 80 hearing what I mean by this is
08:25 that all of your listening needs will be
08:27 satisfied by Crosley and any better or
08:30 more expensive turntable would be
08:31 nothing more than to use an expression
08:33 Pearls Before Swine realistically I
08:36 think anyone with healthy ears has
08:37 better than 80 Hearing in terms of
08:40 detail but you never know where’s the
08:42 top end well I’m sure you know that
08:44 there’s practically no limit to what you
08:46 can spend on any item of Hi-Fi equipment
08:49 but there comes a point where nothing
08:50 gets any better
08:52 so he can spend X number of pounds or
08:54 dollars and get the best that’s
08:56 technically possible or spend 10 times x
08:58 and get no better sound only better and
09:01 bigger bragging rights where the price
09:03 point is where things top out
09:04 technically is a good question but I’m
09:07 going to put it at around 5000 pounds
09:09 GBP or the equivalent amount of dollars
09:12 for a turntable my thinking here is that
09:14 this is the cost of a Riga planar 10 the
09:17 top of their range
09:19 I once went to a Riga demonstration and
09:21 had the chance to listen to and talk to
09:23 their people and I’m convinced that
09:25 their business is simply to make great
09:27 turntables at a range of price points
09:29 starting around 300 pounds I’m getting
09:32 my prices from Google by the way which
09:34 seeing as I’m not going to be buying
09:36 anything today seems as good a source as
09:38 any
09:39 for the planar 10 we seem to be looking
09:41 at around 5 000 pounds depending on
09:44 options that’s close enough so going
09:46 back to ears I believe that some people
09:48 really do have five thousand pounds ears
09:51 oh let’s call it five thousand dollar
09:53 ears because pounds sounds too much like
09:55 excess weight
09:57 so to someone with five thousand dollar
09:59 ears any cheaper turntable would be
10:01 audibly inferior to the Riga playing r10
10:04 conversely any more expensive turntable
10:07 won’t sound any better because the
10:09 planar 10 is as good as things get this
10:11 might be another opportunity to pause
10:13 the video and comment I’ve chosen this
10:16 turntable rather arbitrarily and some
10:18 genuine Hi-Fi enthusiasts may be able to
10:20 give their opinions on what is the exact
10:23 turntable Beyond which in price nothing
10:26 sounds any better but please stick to
10:28 turntables that you own or have heard
10:30 and so we have the spectrum of hearing
10:33 hearing fine details in audio from those
10:35 fortunate few who have 80 ears and are
10:38 perfectly happy with their Crosley to
10:41 those who have five thousand dollar ears
10:42 and can appreciate all the benefits a
10:45 Riga planar 10 brings to their life if
10:48 they can afford it in between there’ll
10:50 be people who are 500 ears and a low end
10:52 budget but genuinely Hi-Fi turntable
10:55 will satisfy their needs some people may
10:58 have two thousand dollar ears but have
11:00 bills to pay mouth to feed and they
11:02 can’t achieve a sound that suits their
11:04 needs oh well I could at this point turn
11:06 to cartridges tone arms and turntable
11:08 preamps but it won’t add anything to my
11:11 argument so I’ll leave these for a
11:13 future video and so we need to come to
11:15 the elephant in The Listening Room the
11:17 elephants the loudspeakers if I come
11:20 back to the title of this video audio
11:22 files you’re wasting your money so don’t
11:24 waste your money invest it in what’s
11:27 going to give you the most pleasure your
11:29 ears can only hear so much detail and as
11:32 I said some people are bound to hear
11:33 more than others some less most of us I
11:36 imagine are near the center of a
11:38 gaussian distribution so when you have a
11:40 source that’s better than your ears and
11:42 amplification that’s better than your
11:44 ears and a turntable that can get more
11:46 detail out of vinyl than your ears can
11:49 appreciate then you can invest not waste
11:51 your money on speakers speakers are
11:54 different it is my thesis that other
11:56 equipment is so 10 Advanced that it’s
11:58 possible for anyone almost anyone to buy
12:01 stuff that is either better than their
12:02 hearing or as good as it’s possible to
12:05 get
12:06 but there’s no such thing as the perfect
12:08 loudspeaker time to pause again and
12:10 comment do you think there’s a perfect
12:12 loudspeaker in the sense that it would
12:14 be perfect for everyone not merely to
12:16 your own taste if you think that there
12:18 is a perfect loudspeaker and you’ve
12:20 heard it or own it let us all know in
12:23 the comments I’ll tell you another of my
12:25 little stories I was at a Hi-Fi show
12:27 with a Hi-Fi Enthusiast friend and we
12:29 were listening to a pair of Wilson audio
12:31 loudspeakers now that’s not quite right
12:34 we were listening to a Bruckner Symphony
12:36 played through Wilson audio loudspeakers
12:39 it’s controversial I know but really
12:41 it’s all about the music Hi-Fi is just
12:44 the medium but I digress it was all very
12:46 nice the main issue though was that the
12:48 room was conference room sized well it
12:51 probably was mostly used for conferences
12:53 so that makes sense
12:55 but it wasn’t big enough for a
12:56 bruckner-sized symphony orchestra so
12:59 although the sound seemed adequately big
13:01 there was a disconnect between the sound
13:03 as heard and what the Brooklyn
13:04 experience should be I’ll remind you
13:07 that I am a concert goer more Marla than
13:10 Bruckner but I know what this music
13:11 should sound like then as we left we
13:13 heard a piano playing around a distant
13:15 Corner hey let’s go listen to that one
13:17 of us said I think we were tiring of all
13:20 the Hi-Fi we’d heard on the day and some
13:22 real music would be a relief
13:24 so we found the room but no piano
13:26 instead a pair of quads ESL 63
13:29 electrostatic loudspeakers placed
13:31 sensibly well away from the rear wall to
13:34 the level of detail that my hearing is
13:36 capable of it sounded like a piano and
13:38 I’ve heard pianos in concert I’ve played
13:40 on Steinway bechstein bosendorfer it
13:43 could absolutely have been a real piano
13:45 I wasn’t able to listen for long enough
13:47 to be sure and other people weren’t
13:49 listening silently as at a concert so I
13:52 can’t say 100 that it would have fooled
13:54 me if blindfolded I think probably the
13:56 geometry would have been the first thing
13:58 to give it away but it sounded good like
14:01 a piano so where can we go with this
14:02 well it wouldn’t be a bad idea to visit
14:04 a Hi-Fi dealer I mean a genuine Hi-Fi
14:07 dealer not a box shifter or a Hi-Fi show
14:10 but you’re probably not hear so much of
14:12 the more reasonably priced models
14:15 or you can do your research and see what
14:16 the professionals use particularly in
14:19 mastering Studios I might narrow that
14:21 down to mastering Studios that are known
14:23 to handle your favorite genres of music
14:25 the louder is better kind of mastering
14:27 might not be the best guide you’ll be
14:29 taking a chance buying speakers based on
14:31 what other people use without hearing
14:33 them yourself
14:34 but you’ll be taking a chance anyway
14:36 unless you’ve heard them in your own
14:38 Listening Room so you will be making a
14:40 choice research speakers down to the
14:42 Last Detail and by research I mean
14:44 listening or buy on the basis of what
14:47 the experts use the only other
14:48 alternative is guesswork but let’s look
14:51 at the positive here you’re hearing the
14:53 level of detail you can hear I would
14:55 argue that for most people it’s better
14:57 than even the best loudspeakers
14:59 loudspeakers all sound different to each
15:01 other and most people will be able to
15:04 hear that difference and so when you’ve
15:06 nailed down every other piece of
15:07 equipment to what’s better than your
15:09 hearing or what is as good as the
15:11 highest standard of technical Excellence
15:12 then you can truly practice the art of
15:15 being an audiophile you can hear the
15:18 differences in those speakers and you
15:20 can learn and develop your preferences
15:22 and the true audiophile might experience
15:24 loudspeakers like they would their
15:26 expensive fancy cars find a model you
15:29 like buy them then live with them learn
15:31 their virtues and benefits strengths and
15:33 weaknesses enjoy the texture of
15:35 reproduced music then when you feel that
15:38 you’ve learned all there is to learn
15:39 from these loudspeakers trade them in
15:41 for something new and interesting
15:43 interestingly different this is of
15:45 course why you have to be rich to be an
15:47 audiophile but you’re not wasting your
15:49 money you’re investing it in your Hi-Fi
15:51 experience
15:53 and although I’ve been making a bit of
15:55 fun of Rich audio files a decently high
15:57 quality experience is available at lower
16:00 price points doubtless you’ve paused and
16:02 left several comments already but before
16:04 you go I’d like to ask a few questions
16:06 have you ever wasted money on hi-fi
16:09 equipment do you have any equipment that
16:11 you feel is too good for your ears
16:14 how would you go about choosing
16:15 loudspeakers see you soon

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