Download Nas – TSK (Official Audio) Mp3

 Nas - TSK (Official Audio)

Nas – TSK (Official Audio) Is a new song from a very high talented artist Nas, listen and download it here for free in mp3 format.

Nas – TSK (Official Audio)
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————- Magic 3 Tracklist————
1. Fever
2. TSK
3. Superhero Status
4. I Love This Feeling
5. No Tears
6. Never Die Ft. Lil Wayne
7. Pretty Young Girl
8. Based On True Events
9. Based On True Events Pt. 2
10. Sitting With My Thoughts
11. Blue Bentley
12. Jodeci Member
13. Speechless Pt. 2
14. Japanese Soul Bar
15. 1-800-Nas-&-Hit


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00:00 foreign
00:16 and all I see is clones see you
00:19 [ __ ] with mixtape plans because
00:21 they seeing how we moving and all they
00:23 say is this but they ain’t saying [ __ ]
00:25 they talk Reckless when I do not work
00:27 for them they say Come Harder come
00:29 smarter which one it is which one you
00:31 wanna hear since you such a music Wiz
00:34 first thing I learned when I was coming
00:36 up in age when they stumble in your
00:37 spaces to punch them in the face the
00:40 second thing I learned I was in the
00:41 second grade sliding on the second base
00:43 I can orchestrate this game the third I
00:46 heard was if it quacks it’s a duck the
00:48 fourth of course just be up front what
00:50 you want the fifth was this keep
00:52 something crisp on your wrist now we on
00:54 album six the top team on your list
00:57 probably grab another hundo industry
01:00 Cutthroat watch out
01:09 [Music]
01:12 if I want to some young dumb crazy
01:16 [ __ ]
01:20 what time is it hit show time bro yeah
01:23 you know what
01:24 yeah that
01:25 and this and that
01:27 you know yeah
01:29 yeah
01:30 don’t be scared
01:32 and lock in get back to the art not the
01:35 trends tisk I mainly invented raps by
01:38 banging on table tops and taking on any
01:40 competition listen they put hambers to
01:43 your ribs but I’m Too Legit to Quit they
01:45 like Bishop with the Blick they exposing
01:47 who a [ __ ] and I’m like Furious when he
01:49 took his son to fish dropping knowledge
01:51 on the kiss drop top when we slid step
01:53 on launch trip on Dior slides grip on
01:56 the handrails crib on some Acres pull up
01:59 the tails off strips all Beyond block
02:01 chip on some fine wine we just some
02:03 shades so when Planet Rock came out the
02:06 Bronx I was watching Boombox Tila Rock
02:08 never made it rich then when I witnessed
02:11 that the benefits of living good for
02:13 making hits I make bread off what I
02:15 invent
02:29 [Music]
02:31 if I want to some young dumb crazy
02:36 [ __ ] from the hood
02:38 foreign
02:46 foreign
02:48 [Music]
03:00 [Music]

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