SMILE Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Hidden Details, Easter Eggs And Review

SMILE Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Hidden Details, Easter Eggs And Review. We review, recap and explain 2022’s Smile. We explain the monster and also the double meaning that the movie may have about mental health.

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Alright so SMILE is horror movie that wipes that grin off your face to provide you with two hours of terror. Throughout this video we’re gonna be explaining the ending, talking about the potential hidden meaning behind it and also going over some of the creepy details that elevate it to the next level.

The film is based on the short Laura Hasn’t Slept and this unfortunately has been pretty much taken off the internet so that it can apparently feature on the blu ray. However it follows the same basic backbone of that but it develops it in several ways.

Smile wears it’s inspirations on it’s sleeve and the movie feels like it’s in the same vein as It Follows and The Ring. Both those movies featured a curse that was passed onto someone through one way or another and this created a target on their back. Creatures stalked the victim and overtime they slowly got closer and closer until they were either defeated or the curse won out.

It’s much in the same with Smile and for the first part of the video I thought we’d explain what the entity actually is. Now this is a being that attaches itself to victims of trauma and over time it slowly torments them. Invisible to others it can appear as anyone but upon revealing itself it brings with it it’s creepy smile.

The creatures whole MO is to weaken it’s victim psychologically to the point that it can possess them fully and make them take their own life. It normally does this infront of another person and in doing so the curse is then passed on to them.

This then starts the cycle over but there are ways to save yourself.

If you kill another person in front of someone else then the trauma will pass onto them and the curse will continue that way rather than through you. The creature in smile has a lot of layers to it and personally I view it as very much being a metaphor for mental health. In the movie we discover that Rose’s mother died when she was very young and that Rose could’ve potentially prevented this by calling 911. However she didn’t and because of this her mother has been seen as a suicide victim rather than accidentally overdosing like many thought.

Her therapist brings brings this up as a way to explain what’s going on but Rose buries this further inside.

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